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The “No to ProSAVANA” Campaign considers the Redesign and public consultation process of ProSAVANA’s Master Plan a fraudulent process.

7 Dez

Não ao ProSAVANA

On 27th August, 2016, the “No to ProSAVANA” Campaign, along with other 83 organizations from across the globe, published the “joint Announcement and questions of the Civil Society of Mozambique, Brazil and Japan about ProSAVANA with regard to the recently leaked Government Documents.”
The above-mentioned announcement stresses the facts revealed by the leaked documents and the way this triangular program has been planning and carrying out actions against the organizations questioning the program through “ProSAVANA’s Communication Strategy” established by the JICA’s fund (Japan International Cooperation Agency) . The aforementioned documents equally show the involved governments’ strategy, put in place by JICA’s consultants with the aim of dividing the Mozambican civil society, marginalizing and excluding the organizations members of the “No to ProSAVANA Campaign” since the process of creation of a “dialogue” mechanism in the scope of redesigning ProSAVANA’s Master Plan (MP), even considering that the “Campaign” was the only entity that prepared and published a critical review to the zero version of the MP. Continuar a ler